How do you know when you are Not following the holy spirt?

When you are stripped down with nothing to read, you can only go by memory. You remember old Kingdom songs, but for me, I focused on the things I saw, as I am more visual. I have traveled a lot. I think about the rare birds I learned about in the rain forest in Australia's Gold Coast. The butterfly garden in Aruba. Our lovely beaches in Southwest Florida. It doesn't matter. Just close your eyes and think about Jehovah's creation. Before their were books. Go outside and look up at the sky. Dream. Their is nothing wrong with it. Pray. Then go inside and pray and go to sleep. Right before you turn out the lights, ask yourself. Which prayer did I feel closer to Jehovah?
Remember my brothers and sisters, there is only 1 responsibly that the Grand Master did not delicate!

In closing. If you try to do the same thing, over, over and over again and can not do it, no matter how hard you try... Your bucking the Jehovah's Holy Spirt. How will you know? He will not punish you, if he sees you have a good heart, what he'll do is have something VERY unique happened in your day. "The" Greatest Comedian.