In Peter 2:5 the related noun kataklusmos which means “an inundation, deluge.” (Used only of Noah's ... In the Greek NT katakluzo is only used to refer to Noah's Flood) is where i2626 came from. If you don't think Jehovah has a sense of humor, your not observing nature. Thank you Jehovah for going slow with me. Allowing me to use all my senses. It is because of you alone that Jeramiah said we can direct our own steps. I listened and now you have parted the great sea for me. Please, allow other ones that maybe stuck in their ways, take notice of your direction. You spell it right out for us. People, baby steps. Don't think about breakfast. Best advice I can give today. Jehovah, I got this. I will not let you down. In your sons name.